The Hive Slot Evaluations

The newest online slot game from BetSoft is a feel-good film with several elements that will keep you riveted to your screen. The Hive’s colorful visual, with a gorgeous field with trees in the backdrop and a swarm of swarming bees, makes us believe that it will not be an exception to this rule.

The Hive is not your typical slot machine game, as it utilizes a 3-4-5-4-3 hexagonal grid with 30 total paylines. This might be extremely perplexing for novice players, so although The Hive should be on your list of games to play, you may want to start with a simpler slot game to get a sense for how they work. Or, if you want to jump right in with the queen bee, just click the I button in the bottom-left corner to get acquainted with the odd grid.

As with many other Betsoft games, The Hive allows players with varying bankrolls. The minimum stake ranges from 0.10p to £90, so high-rollers are invited to try their luck. The RTP of 96.97% is fairly high, yet the slot’s volatility is minimal, and the maximum payout is 378 times the wager. This implies that although you will likely experience more wins, they will be for smaller amounts.

How to Play the Hive Slot Machine Online

After registering with one of the main slot sites, just launch The Hive, choose your wager amount, and you’re pretty much set to play. Betsoft has also included an autospin option, which can be activated by pressing the button to the right of the spin button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Here, you choose the number of spins and the wager amount, and the total cost is shown.

The Hive is an online slot game in which, as its name implies, bees are the focal point. Your greatest chance of winning is to land the profitable bee symbol inside the paytable, with the Ladybug and three flowers in Red, Purple, and White representing the other high-paying symbols. A, K, Q, and J appear as low-paying symbols, exactly as they do in a standard poker deck.

Keep a look out for The Hive’s buzzing Bees, which may appear with each spin! These consist of the Queen, the Drone, and the Worker. The Hive also contains WILDs in the form of Honey Bursts. During Free Spins, these delectable-looking sweets appear and spread as the reels spin.

Naturally, Betsoft has optimized this game for numerous platforms, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile (iOS and Android).

Bonuses, Features, and Free Spins on The Hive

The abundance of bonuses and other features in The Hive will keep you buzzing as the reels spin. You may call one of the three bees around the honeycomb grid with each spin. These travel one place clockwise with each spin and have a variety of consequences, which will be detailed below.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee, as the name suggests, is the most extravagant. When this buzzer appears, she invites a swarm of additional bees to round the hive, increasing your chances of winning the gold!

Drone Bee

The Honey Meter will be filled by Drone Bees, which, when full, will trigger Free Spins. More Drone Bees on patrol will increase the rate of population growth.

Worker Bee

The greater the number of Worker Bees around the Hive, the greater the stacking multiplier granted by the Worker Bees. Its worth is equivalent to the amount of Worker Bees plus one. The multiplier only applies to winning paylines that include a Worker Bee.

Sticky Sweet Free Spins are another part of The Hive that will keep you captivated to your computer. As they fly around the hive, the Drone Bees will add one level of honey to the Honey Meter. When it is full, you will get five Free Spins to help you increase your bankroll.

Honey Burst Spreading WILDs will emerge on your grid during Free Spins. WILDs will expand from their original location on the grid to a neighboring honeycomb cell after each spin, and will continue to do so until the Free Spins are over. Yummy!

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